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Powerex Compressors

Powerex Air Compressors and Vacuum Systems are the industry leader for delivering "pure air" for a wide range of applications. Powerex continues its commitment to design and manufacture compressors and compressor systems delivering your "pure air" requirements year after year. This world class technology has resulted from the combined engineering and production efforts of two of the largest compressor manufactures in the world, creating a new breed of oilless and lubricated compressor and vacuum systems: both affordable and reliable!

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Featured Powerex Compressors

NEW Redesigned 2-5 HP Open Scroll Laboratory Systems

We are pleased to announce that Powerex has updated their 2-5 HP Open Scroll Laboratory Systems to combine their reliable, energy efficient technology with new improvements to save space and provide ease-of-maintenance. The newly redesigned and upgraded space-saving scroll compressors feature the smallest available footprint on the market, allowing for flexibility of hospital design and ease of installation.

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Powerex Compressors Since 1988

Powerex Compressors Since 1988

Beginning with their own line of air compressors, Powerex has been designing and packaging systems since 1988. Powerex has built a foundation on engineering, innovation, quality, and service to become a leader in vacuum and air systems…"the leader in pure air technology". Powerex is committed to providing the best value in the markets we serve by applying these pillars of our foundation into every system that we build.

Why Choose Powerex Compressors?

The Powerex product line up is energy efficient and easy to maintain. Their industrial air and vacuum systems have been designed and tested to meet the most demanding specifications for low oil carryover and long life. Powerex compressors provide clean, dry air for industrial applications where the quality of the compressed air is critical.

Manufacturers Distributor, Inc. is proud to represent the outstanding line of Powerex industrial oilless air compressors, lubricated air compressors, enclosed oilless scroll compressors, open oilless scroll compressors, and rotary vane vacuum compressors. Whether its a complete Powerex system or just a bare pump that you need, mdi is your complete source for Powerex products.

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New Powerex Pump Maintenance and Service Kits!

Powerex has created new, easy-to-order pump maintenance kits, so with one part number you receive all the items you need to perform PM work on your Powerex oil-less pump.

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*Kits do not include air filter. Air filters are on a separate PM schedule. Please reference the product manual for air filter part number and PM schedule.
*Kits include grease but not a grease gun. Grease guns sold separately